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Hazeline Asuncion is a Post-doctoral Researcher in the Institute for Software Research at the University of California, Irvine. Her research interest lies in traceability, i.e. the identification of related information that may be scattered across different files, different locations, and may be owned by different groups of people. Her dissertation work, Architecture-Centric Traceability for Stakeholders (ACTS) has focused on effectively achieving traceability in the domain of software engineering. The main objective of her work has been to identify and visualize related information using explicit traceability links. She also examined the traceability problem in other domains. In e-Science, she studied how data provenance techniques support tracing data products across an entire experiment lifecycle. In the domain of software acquisition, she investigated the tracing of software license conflicts in heterogeneously composed software systems, in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Alspaugh and Dr. Walt Scacchi.

Research Interests

Software Traceability, Open Hypermedia, Software Architectures, Data Provenance for e-Science, Scientific Workflows, Software License Analysis, Applications of Machine Learning to Software Engineering


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