About FOSS References

FOSS References allow workshop partipants to collect and maintain a bibliography of FOSS related publications.  These references will be a valuable asset not only for the workshop, but for anyone doing future FOSS research.

Registered users can add a reference by selecting Create Reference menu.  Users can also batch import from multiple formats, including BibTex and EndNote.  If available, be sure to include a URL to each publication.  Also, please include keywords so that users can perform keyword search.

Your publications will automatically appear on your profile page under the References tab if:

  1. you are the "owner" of the reference, or
  2. your profile id is linked to one of the listed authors on the publication.

The Authors menu will give a listing of all authors currently found in the FOSS References.  By editing your author entry your can link it to your FOSS 2010 website user id.

You may see yourself listed under Authors multiple times.  This will occur if your name is entered differently across multiple publications (i.e., W. Scacchi vs Walt Scacchi).   Edit the author with the most complete name and from there you can perform a "merge" with the other similar author entries for yourself.  Please merge author entries with caution, it cannot be undone.


Please contact the kari [at] ics [dot] uci [dot] edu (subject: Problem%20with%20FOSS%202010%20References) (site webmaster) if you are experiencing any difficulties entering or using references.