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Gabrielle Allen is Associate Professor in Computer Science at Louisiana State University, and a faculty member at the Center for Computation & Technology. Gabrielle obtained a PhD in computational astrophysics from Cardiff University in 1993, following undergraduate degrees at in mathematics and theoretical physics at Nottingham University and Cambridge University. Before moving to LSU in 2003, Gabrielle was the lead of the computer science area of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (AEI) in Potsdam, Germany where she researched and developed techniques for high performance and grid computing. At the AEI, Gabrielle was the lead of the Cactus Code project and a PI for the European GridLab project. At LSU, Gabrielle leads the cyberinfrastucture component of the statewide NSF research infrastructure improvement award, and is involved in a number of large, collaborative projects involving computer science, scientific computing and the computational sciences, in diverse fields including petroleum engineering, coastal modeling, computational fluid dynamics, numerical relativity, computational chemistry and computational biology.

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Computational science, community frameworks, cyberinfrastructure, numerical relativity, coastal modeling


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