FOSS 2010 Positions

As part of the preparations for the FOSS 2010 Workshop on the Future of Research on Free/Open Source Software, we would like you to prepare a position that describes your perspective and recommendations. Accordingly, we have prepared the following guidelines to both help your organize and prepare your position, and for other participants to be able to quickly search, retrieve, cite, and reuse (with acknowledgment) all or part of your contribution.  You may begin entering your position by selecting the "My Position" link in the top menu bar. These instruction are duplicated at the top of the form.

Our request is for you to prepare a position of any length from a few paragraphs to pages that identify three research topics of interest for which you will provide your opinion or motivation for why each topic merits research study, related research findings (including your own), and recommendations for problems or questions requiring systematic study, and perhaps particular research methods, tools, or infrastructure. The list of research questions from our Workshop proposal serve as a starting point.

Please address at least one or two of these topics. Clearly, not all participants may have their research interests covered by this list of questions. Accordingly, you may address one to three research topics of interest to you that you may not see on the list below for a total of three. If you already have written materials on your selected topics, you may simply include them as part of your response, however, please make sure your overall position paper does not exceed more than five pages for the three research topics. Please include citations to related research, including your own, where appropriate.

Recommended readings:

Your FOSS 2010 position statement is currently visible only to registered FOSS 2010 participants.  After the workshop these statements will likely be made visible to the public.  Each participant's position may be viewed from their user profile.  In addition, an aggregate summary of responses per question can be viewed from the "Positions Summary" link in the top menu bar.

Editing/Modifying your Position:

Your statements will be entered using the fckeditor, a WYSIWYG HTML editor.  If you prefer to enter raw html, you can do this by selecting the "Source" icon in the upper left corner of the entry window.  Although each user is only allowed one submission, it is possible to edit/update your submission.  Click the "View your previous submissions." link, then select the "edit" operation to make changes.  Be sure to select the "save" button at the bottom of the screen.