FOSS 2010 will be held on February 10-12th in Irvine and Newport Beach, California.

Our objective is to bring together a diverse audience of computer scientists and social scientists within an research workshop to explore issues, challenges and opportunities in the future of free/open source software (FOSS) . The workshop will focus on articulating emerging problems and questions that arise in the development, use, and evolution of FOSS systems, tools, techniques, and concepts, and to do so in ways that give rise to a new research agenda that will become the basis for a new cross-disciplinary research program on FOSS.

FOSS 2010 Photo Gallery

The FOSS 2010 photo gallery is now on-line.  Many thanks to Daniel German, Greg Madey, and Chris Jensen for providing photos of the event.  If you have any photos to add, please email them to the FOSS 2010 webmaster.

FOSS Videos Now Available

Videos for the 4 panels and some of the discussions are not available.  They are linked off of the FOSS program.  You must be logged in to view the video.

Submit FOSS 2010 Positions

As part of the preparations for the FOSS 2010 Workshop on the Future of Research on Free/Open Source Software, we would like you to prepare a set of research positions that describe your perspective and recommendations.  Please see the Positions page for more information.

RSVP for Meals/Events

For planning purposes, we request that each registered participant inform us of their anticpated attendance at the workshop, meals, and events, as well as any dietary restrictions.  Please see the RSVP page and complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

Hotel Reservation Deadline Extended

The deadline for hotel reservations with the guaranteed FOSS 2010 rate is has been extended to,  January 1, 2010.  Please see the Travel Arrangements page for information on booking your hotel reservation.
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